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UHT Fresh Milk

Daily Dairy Fresh Milk is a premium dairy product known for its exceptional quality, long shelf life, and unmatched freshness. It undergoes a unique pasteurization process that ensures all harmful bacteria are eliminated while preserving the milk’s natural taste, nutritional value, and creamy texture. UHT Fresh Milk is a versatile and healthy choice for consumers of all ages.


1000ml - 12 Packets

✔ Size: 1000 ML
✔ WEIGHT : 13.12 KG
✔ DIMENSION : 366mm x 191mm x 50mm
✔ Flavour : Fresh Milk
✔ Ultra-high temperature processing (UHT) Milk, Protein, Calcium, Halal
✔ Shelf Life: 6 months
✔ Store at cool and dry place. Once opened, refrigerate at its optimum temperature of 5°C or below.