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Honeydew Flavoured Milk

Our Honeydew Flavoured Milk has been a firm favourite through out the years. This creamy fruity honeydew drink is perfect for sipping as a snack or with your meals. Rich in creamy goodness with a distinct fruity note, this drink will make you crave for more. The 200ml packaging is also made RTD (Ready To Drink) and designed to carry around with ease.

200ml - 24 Packets


✔ Size: 200 ML
✔ WEIGHT : 5.52 KG
✔ DIMENSION : 337mm x 156mm x 136mm
✔ Flavour: Honeydew
✔ Ultra-high temperature processing (UHT) Milk, Protein, Calcium, Halal
✔ Shelf Life: 9 months
✔ Store at cool and dry place. Once opened, refrigerate at its optimum temperature of 5°C or below.